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Join us for the prestigious Shiptek International Maritime, Offshore Oil&Gas conference and awards-India Chapter that celebrates excellence in the industry, fosters networking, and promotes knowledge exchange. We hope our 2024 edition will be much more successful and informative, will set a higher standard than 2023 event happened in Kochi, Kerala.

Since its inception in 2008, the most popular name has travelled worldwide in many maritime hubs like Dubai, Singapore, Hongkong, Greece, Hamburg, etc., making it one of the finest Maritime events globally.

ShipTek - Marine offshore Oil & Gas Conference | Excellence Awards 2024 – India Chapter will be a physical event aimed at key decision makers and high-level policymakers. The forerunners of ShipTek were all billed as ideal events which orchestrated turnarounds in the maritime industry. ShipTek has been blessed with a continuum of leader’s foresight and is an event setting a revolution in the Maritime world. ShipTek Conference focuses on key market trends, giving attendees a unique insight into the current opportunities. The intention is that attendees will leave the event with a much clearer idea about future trade patterns and market influences so they are better placed to build the foundations for longer-term business growth.

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Welcome to ShipTek 2024

The Shiptek International Conference and Awards is a grand gathering of maritime-Offshore-Oil&Gas industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts. It is an annual event that serves as a platform for recognizing outstanding achievements, discussing critical issues, and fostering collaboration in the maritime,Offshore,Oil&Gas sector.


9th October 2024
ShipTek 2024

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9th October 2024

9.00 AM - 05.00 PM


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ShipTek International Awards 2024-India is back to celebrate the remarkable & noteworthy contributions of the Individuals/Organizations for the maritime/Offshore/Oil & Gas/Port & Logistics sectors. A proud symbol of celebration & recognition, the award ceremony gained its popularity and credibility through its forerunners. The award ceremony shall be organized in concurrence with ShipTek International Conference. So don’t wait and miss out to place your nomination for the respective category and be a participant in the final race among other top organizations & individuals

Become a part of this Grand Evening of Achievements where Excellence Matters..!!


Dr. Jayakumar

Chief Executive Officer
Vizhinjam International Seaport Ltd

Capt. Amit Wason

Owners Representative & Country Head

Andrew Bull

Vice President - Business Solutions
Shift Clean Energy

Gireesh M Menon

Managing Director
Aries Marine & Engg.

Shrikant Chaudhari

Engineering Manager
Dubai Drydocks Mumbai.

Shaji Janardhanan

Chief General Manager
Kochi Metro Rail Ltd

Capt. Tanuj Balani

Stag Marine

Prakriti Sethi

Chief India Representative
Methanol Institute

Capt. Sanio Radhakrishnan

Head of Wallem, Kochi
Senior Operations Manager - Tanker Fleet

Syam Krishnan K

Product Manager
MariApps Marine Solutions Pvt Ltd

Captain D C Sekhar

Founder Director
AlphaMERS Ltd.

Sumithran Sampath

General Manager

Capt. Radhika Menon


X A J Kitherian

Founder & CEO
Entoss Technologies

Rahul Oak

Head of Energy Projects
Torm Shipping India Pvt Ltd

Rajashekar K

Chief General Manager (Inspection)
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

Capt. Abhay Nimbalkar

Greenfield Marine Technologies

Rupali Raj Joshi

Head of Marine Department
New Mangalore Port Authority

Dr. Deepak Mishra

Assistant professor
IMU Kolkata

Chirag Bahri

International Operations Manager

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ShipTek 2024


Ports and Shipping Infrastructure: Discuss the modernization and expansion of Indian ports, along with advancements in shipping infrastructure and logistics.
Coastal and Inland Waterways: Focus on the utilization and development of coastal and inland waterways for transportation and trade.
Maritime Safety and Security: Examine best practices and technologies for enhancing maritime safety, security, and emergency response.
Offshore Exploration and Production: Explore the latest developments in offshore oil and gas exploration, production technologies, and reservoir management.
Renewable Energy Offshore: Discuss the growth of offshore wind energy and other renewable energy projects along the Indian coastline.
Risk Management in Offshore Operations: Discuss risk assessment and management strategies in offshore activities, including safety measures and emergency response planning.
Oil and Gas Exploration: Explore the opportunities and challenges in oil and gas exploration in India, including onshore and offshore developments.
Energy Transition: Discuss India's transition toward cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, such as natural gas and renewable energy.
Supply Chain and Logistics: Examine efficient supply chain and logistics strategies for the oil and gas industry, including transportation and storage solutions.
Digitalization and Technology: Explore the role of digital technologies, data analytics, and automation in enhancing efficiency and safety in the oil and gas sector.
Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Practices: Address best practices and the latest trends in HSE for the maritime, offshore, and oil and gas sectors.
Environmental Compliance: Discuss regulatory compliance, emissions reduction, and environmental impact assessments in these industries.
Energy Efficiency: Explore strategies to improve energy efficiency in maritime and offshore operations, reducing carbon footprint and operational costs.
Emerging Technologies in Offshore Exploration: Highlight innovative technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and remote sensing in offshore exploration.
Digitalization and Data Analytics: Discuss the use of big data, analytics, and IoT for optimizing operations and decision-making.
Maritime outlook and future Challenges
Smart Shipping Technologies for Reducing Carbon Emissions.
Ship Management and Crew Welfare.
Challenges and advantages of AI in the Maritime sector and the role of Skill development among the human resources
Shiptek 2024

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ShipTek is one of the leading brands and its legacy continues to take its position as a benchmark in the Maritime Events sector. Previous editions of ShipTek has been extraordinarily successful and already established as one of the much-awaited events within the Industry.
ShipTek 2024

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